What we believe about the world and about ourselves determines how we live and what we live for. In short, our values and purpose in life are rooted in our convictions.


We believe God has always existed as three co-eternal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created and reigns over the universe to reflect his glory. He is perfect in His holiness, love, justice, and goodness. As such, He is the only thing in the universe that is worthy of worship. When we worship something other than God, it highlights the chasm between our moral imperfection (sin) and His perfection (holiness). It brings Him great dishonour.


Jesus is the co-eternal son of God. He walked the earth as a man about 2,000 years ago. Jesus lived life the way it was always intended to be lived, in perfect love and harmony with God. He taught about life and the Kingdom of God, and many of his teachings are recorded in the New Testament. He willingly died on a cross as a substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of humankind. By standing in our place for our sins, and paying the penalty we deserve to pay, He satisfied God’s holy and just nature, rescuing us from death.

We believe that Jesus serves as our model, teacher, saviour, and Lord.

We believe Jesus rose from the grave on the third day and ascended into heaven, demonstrating His victory over sin and death and He will return to reign over the earth. Only by believing, trusting, treasuring, and confessing the reality of Jesus can we enjoy communion with God and the abundant life He desires for each one of us.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of God. He is living and active in the world today to bring an awareness of mankind’s need for Jesus and salvation. Also, the Holy Spirit is present in the life of every Christian at the moment of conversion. In Christians, He guides, comforts, convicts, renews, empowers, and provides divine gifts for the building of the church and the advancement of God’s Kingdom.


The Bible is the authoritative word of God. Written by human authors but divinely inspired by God, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments serve as a history of God’s redemptive story, a window into God’s plan for the future, and a mirror by which humanity can see himself in the light of God’s reality. As a church, we strive to discern and follow the teachings of the Bible with accuracy and integrity.


Mankind was created by God and in His image. All human life has inherent value and we are called to treat each other with dignity, respect, and love. We’re to live in community in the same way that God has always existed in community (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). One of the indispensable expressions of godly community is involvement in a healthy local church.

The purpose of mankind is to bring glory to God by finding our satisfaction and joy in Him through faith and obedience to His commands and knowing God as a loving father. But here’s the thing: We can only know God as Father by accepting the need for Jesus’ redemptive death and experiencing the accompanying spiritual ‘rebirth’ as sons and daughters of God.